Excited! Thanks to those that enrolled in the Triumph Approach Course. This is our first go at it but have exciting plans for the future. Since this is my first blog post under the Triumph Approach I wanted to share a story.

Last weekend (like many of you) we began the traditional fall soccer league. It was exciting to see so much soccer happening around the city and region. Our Just4kicks soccer school began program this week and we are super excited as well. A parent and I were chatting with after class and he asked the question. Don't you get tired of soccer everyday?

This made me think and so I reflected on it a second and answered I would have answered that question totally different ten or even five years ago. Why? well...back in my new years of coaching I thought and was pressured to believe that a child needed the ball at their feet everyday and soccer everyday was great. I thought (back then) that if I did this for a living I needed to be that "soccer is everything to me coach". Now I am far from that...thankfully. After so many years of creating, altering, and manipulating curriculum it all came back to my initial emotions of coaching soccer back in high school. Soccer is simple...great for the body...great for the brain...great for the community. The five pillars of player formation were born.

Body - Technical Skill - Cognitive - Soccer IQ - Soccer EQ

I now focus on exposure to soccer through new lenses. A child does not need to touch the ball 1000 times everyday. He/She needs balanced exposure to body mechanics, technical skill work, activities/environments that challenge the mind, exposure to soccer other than playing it, and finally environments that build emotional intelligence. positively developing these five pillars don't have to include kicking a ball. So..do I get burt out? No....because I incorporate a whole lot more than just kicking a ball to teach soccer. This keeps kids safe from injury, burnout, and thrives on the other great environments that a traditional soccer training may not provide in positively developing the five pillars of player formation. This may have been way more than the gentlemen expected as an answer but wow....what a difference having three kids and reflecting on the teaching of soccer for over a decade does. Wisdom through time is priceless and I still consider myself a newbie to the profession. So much to learn and I hope to have a different answer to that question in five years time. Cheers!