This week I began to relearn tennis. My brother and I use to play early Saturday mornings and we taught ourselves how to play. We never took classes or lessons and we both made our varsity team in high school. We did not have the IQ part of tennis so when we played an experienced player we usually went down but with a good fight. Techncially we were pretty good beause we had many hours with raquet in our hands. Thus, the raquet became an extension of our arm and we new how to manipualte the raquet to get top spin or serve the ball. As we know in soccer there is no tool just our bodies so technically you must have the ball at your feet for many hours to have it be an extension of your body. You don't need private training or a team to do this. Just simply get 1000 touches on the ball every time you go out and play. 1000 touches without expectation. What does that mean? That means pretend the field is your canvas and you are a paint brush. Paint the field however you would like until you get to 1000 touches. Juggle, dribble, kick... whatever you like. have fun and just get to 1000 touches. Over time you will get technically better I promise. So go on then...get your first 1000 touches!